About KBC

  It started, like it always does, with a great song.

“I was working at Mushroom Records with The D4 when they dropped an album called ‘6Twenty’,” says Killer B founder Bev Burton. “One of the tracks was called ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Motherfucker’ and I put it on the back of my leather jacket. The rest is history…”

History that is taking rock ‘n’ roll apparel into a sustainable future.

Killer B Collective arrived in 2020 as a sister business to Killer B Music Ltd and has turned heads with a debut collection for rock ‘n’ roll stars everywhere.

“It’s not just musicians and music fans who wear RNRMF apparel,” says Bev. “Our collective is inclusive and appeals to everyone who wants to be seen and heard. There are three options, too, so find out what suits you best and get in touch…


Where are you on the RNRMF Scale?

Secret Squirrel - a collection for those who like to subvert from within

Keeping it on the Down Low - a collection for those who like to get the nod

Hands Down Proud! - a collection for those who say it loud



You, for stopping by.

Ben Merrington for being the best designer and hand holder!

Back Street Merch for guiding us through t-shirt training.

And thanks Tom for setting up the shop after weeks of hair pulling out!